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Keynote Lecture - Charles, 9th Earl Spencer

Fri, Feb 2 11:00 AM (60 min)
Althorp: The Story of an English House
For over 500 years, 19 generations of the Spencer family have resided at Althorp. Join us as Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, discusses the story of Althorp and the family whose driving passions have included art and priceless antiquities, culminating in one of the finest collections in the world. Hear how Earl Spencer navigates the blend of rich family history and the demands of running a modern estate visited by thousands.
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Design Panel Lecture

Fri, Feb 2 2:00 PM (60 min)
Your Home Is Your Story: Refining Your Sense of Place
Someone once said that “every great design begins with an even better story.” Join our very accomplished moderator, Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence, as she sits down with celebrated talent and good friends Timothy Corrigan, Richard Keith Langham, Susanna Salk and Beth Webb to discuss how they draw from past experiences and instinct to create a “Sense of Place” in the homes they design. The discussion is guaranteed to bring inspiration to areas of life both inside and outside the walls of the place you call home and help refine and embrace your own sense of place.
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Master Floral Design Lecture - Lewis Miller

Sat, Feb 3 11:00 AM (60 min)
The Alchemy of Floral Design: Pairing the Unexpected
Step into the world of Lewis Miller and observe the talent and artistry that has made him into one of the most sought after floral designers of our time. His “Flowers for the People” project, creating random pop-up floral installations in unexpected locales throughout Manhattan, has met with tremendous enthusiasm on social media and are his “gift” to the city that embraces him. Learn how his signature use of juxtaposition, dark with light, rough with refined, chaos with definition, has led to his wild success in creating a stunning body of work on his own terms.
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Gil Schafer and Rita Konig Design Lecture

Sat, Feb 3 2:00 PM (60 min)
Join award winning architect Gil Schafer and celebrated English interior designer Rita Konig for a look behind the scenes at what makes for a successful collaboration between an architect and decorator—and ultimately a successful, stylish house. Both Schafer and Konig are known for their personal approaches to design, and in this conversation they will share their invaluable tips on everything from creating an initial vision for a project to the often-overlooked details that bring a unique sense of history and place to any room.
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