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Thursday, Jun 14, 2018 9:10 PM
Dir. Michael Pearce | UK | 2018 | 107 min. | R | DCP
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General Admission Adult - $10.50
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General Admission Student - $9.00
General Admission Military - $9.00
General Admission Child - $8.50
General Admission Group Sale - $9.50

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Moll is stuck. She’s isolated on Jersey, a tiny island in the English Channel. She’s also beset by her domineering mother and her history of mental fragility—not to mention the false pity it engenders. Freedom comes in an exceedingly unlikely form: local loner Pascal. Soon he and Moll are enmeshed in the sort of intense, overwhelming relationship that only two outcasts can forge. Nothing can stop them, not even Moll’s creeping suspicion that Pascal might be involved with a string of unspeakable crimes.

This stunningly assured debut from writer/director Michael Pearce uses small, human moments to capture enormous truths. Pearce and the remarkable actress Jessie Buckley have created, in Moll, an unforgettable portrait of desperation and obsession. The remote setting and gloriously stark cinematography only add to the pervasive feeling of isolation. Moll is stuck. And we’re stuck with her. (Synopsis from the 2018 Sundance Film Festival Program Guide)

“Polite society and conventional femininity form a suffocating straitjacket in the eerily intoxicating BEAST. Set against a bucolic Jersey backdrop ravaged by an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, it drills deep into the muddled mind of its protagonist as she begins a love affair with a man who may be a killer, plunging headfirst into peril in a desperate bid for freedom.” —Emma Simonds, The List

“Buckley and Flynn’s chemistry is as wild and fiery as her crimson hair. Their alluring and visceral performances ignite the screen, further elevating Pearce’s masterful narrative… You will leave this film feeling breathless, stunned and incredibly satisfied.”  —Tiffany Tchobanian, Film Threat

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