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Thursday, Jun 14, 2018 7:00 PM
Presented by RiffTrax Live | Doors at 6:20pm | Show at 7:00pm
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From the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000! Starring Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, & Bill Corbett.
General Admission: $49.95 (+Belcourt Preservation Fee)

Blast Hardcheese is back! Yes, Mike, Kevin and Bill revisit the Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic "SPACE MUTINY" starring Reb Brown.

Get ready for an all-new riff of an old favorite as the guys take on this 1988 sci-fi action adventure. Set in space, or more specifically set on the set of the old "Battlestar Galactica" TV series, "Space Mutiny" tells the story of the space ark Southern Sun and its hijack by the nefarious Elijah Kalgan (played by John Phillip Law of "Danger: Diabolik" fame!)

But mostly the film is a showcase for Reb Brown who is without a doubt the hunkiest, action-iest and best actor ever to appear on-screen.

Join the RiffTrax crew for a hilarious evening with a timeless classic!

RiffTrax Live Line Instructions: RiffTrax will do a line hold system to let everyone check in and reserve a spot in line, then leave and come back later to your held spot.

Starting at 12 noon, people can check into the Belcourt's box office and present their ticket. You will then be issued a card with your line spot number. The number on your card dictates your spot in line.

Go out and relax or go grab something to eat knowing your spot in line is reserved.

Return to the Belcourt with your ticket and your line spot card no later than 6:00 pm and get in line based on your number. Doors open at 6:20. Someone from the Belcourt will be on site to assist you if need be, but you should be able to find your spot by talking with other people in line. It’s just like Southwest Airlines but with actual comedy!

Note: If you lose your line spot card you will lose your spot in line and have to go to the end of the line. If there are more than one of you, please bring ALL the tickets to get multiple cards, one card will be issued per ticket. The line spot card does not replace your ticket so please hold onto your ticket and bring it with you when you come back to the Belcourt.

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