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Friday, Mar 24, 2017 - Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
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Reebok Ragnar Tennessee will have you hollerin’ yeehaw as you honky tonk your way across  200-ish miles of Tennessee countryside. On March 24-25, 2017, your team of 12 (or 6) will start your journey in the picturesque town of  Chattanooga, hugging the Tennessee River as you head northwest. Y’all will run day and night and day again through lush green farmlands and over rolling hills toward Music City, USA! You’ll close out your 200-mile two-step to the sound of country music, blues and jazz as you run down the iconic Printer’s Alley and finally finish at the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee!

Can't find 11 other runners? Find 5 more runners and create a 6-Pack team! RAGNAR Relay will pair your 6-Pack team with another 6-Pack team to form a full team!

When: Friday, March 24th through Saturday, March 25th
Where: Chattanooga to Nashville
Cost: Early Registration: $1340 per team of 12
$880 per team of 6 (Ultra or 6-Pack)

Additional TEAM Costs: Van rentals, reflective gear, lodging, food

Difficulty: Teammates need to be able to run between 3-10 miles at a time with less than 12 hours rest between. Each of the 12 teammates runs three times along varying difficulty of terrain. Team "average pace" should be no greater than 11 minute/mile (times 200 miles makes for 36.6 hours).
Registration Deadline: Registration deadline is February 10th for all teams.


Children Policy: Teammates must be ages 16 or older with adult supervision. Kids under the age of 12 are not permitted in the team vehicles.
Dog Policy: Dogs are not permitted at this event
Weather Policy: This is a rain or shine event. Under severe weather conditions the event organizers may cancel or delay the event.
Cancellation Policy: See official website for more information.


Teams typically have 12 teammates and can be categorized as All Male, All Female or Mixed Teams. Each teammate will run in equal roatation along the course with their teammates; everyone runs exactly three times each (ie. Runner #1 will also run the 13th and 25th leg, while Runner #2 will also run the 14th and 26th leg, etc.).

Running teams looking for a greater challenge can sign up as an Ultra Team with only 6 teammates each running double (ie Runner #1 will also run the 2nd, 13th + 14th and 25th + 26th leg, etc).


  • Runners #1-6 spend the weekend in Van #1 and Runners #7-12 are in Van #2. (15 passanger vans are highly encouraged, to allow room for gear, food, and space to stretch out!)
  • Teams decorate their vans, and sometimes themselves.
  • The race begins in Chattanooga with Van #1 (it's recommended that Van #1 get a hotel room on Thursday evening).
  • Van #2 can check in at Exchange Zone #6 on Friday.
  • Team start times are staggered throughout Friday. 
  • It's critical that teams report accurate "10k pace" estimates for each teammate (ie. if a team reports being just 1 minute/mile faster than their actual pace, they'll cross the finish line 3 hours later than expected).
  • All teammates must wear reflective vests at all times during night time hours. Teammates running during night time hours must also wear a headlamp and blinking red light.
  • Download the RAGNAR App to get turn-by-turn directions for each exchange zone on Race Weekend!
  • Teammates use a slap bracelet to hand off from one runner to the next.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited, except at the finish line.
  • Plan to sleep in the team support vehicles or at designated exchange areas #12, 18, 24 and 30. (Actually, just plan not to sleep!)
  • Each team must recruit 3 volunteers to help at the 36 different exchange zones along the course. Volunteers commit to 4-6 hours shifts, helping with exchange zone set up, assist with van parking, record incoming runners, stock supplies, help with take down, etc). Teams who are not able to recruite 3 volunteers need to pay $120 per volunteer slot un-filled.

For additional information, check out the RACE BIBLE.


To learn more and register, visit RagnarRelay.com.