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Saturday, Sep 7, 2013 8:00 AM
The 7th Annual Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival is on! Once again Team Green Adventures and Lightning 100 will be competing down the Cumberland River! This event benefits the Cumberland River Compact, helping to protect and preserve the Cumberland River Watershed.

Member Only Team: $10 Registration (100% donated)
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Come out to the 7th Annual Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival! This event benefits the Cumberland River Compact. Team Green Adventures ("Team Green Giants") will once again race for the championship title. Register to be on the Team Green Team, or form your own team! 

When: Saturday, September 7th from 8:00am-4:00pm
Where: RiverFront Park
Downtown Nashville
Cost: See "Options" below

Trip Leader: Matt Genova (Team Green Giants Captain)

Difficulty: Paddling experience recommended, but not necessary. Races average 1-2 minutes with a maximum of 3 races per team. All Teams get the opportunity to practice in an actual Dragon Boat on the water the week before the race.
Registration Deadline: see official event site for more details
Group Size Capacity: Each Team may have a total of 24 participants (20 paddlers, 1 captain, and 3 subs)

Parking: Parking is available at LP Field Lot R for free (limited spots), or normal downtown parking lot for fees.


Children Policy: This is a family friendly spectator event. Participants must be 18 years or older to race.
Dog Policy: This is a dog friendly spectator event.
Weather Policy: This is a drizzle or shine event. See official event site for more details on more severe weather policies.
Cancellation Policy: All race entry fees are donations to the Cumberland River Compact. Team Green Adventures will not issue any refunds for the Team Green Giants boat. See official event site for more information about cancelling a full team.


You have two options for registration:

Option 1: Form Your Own Team
$1250 Early Registration Corporate Team/ $1500 Corporate Team (after April 30th)
$1000 Early Registration Non-Profit Team/ $1100 Corporate Team (after April 30th)
$60 Early Registration Individual*/ $65 Individual* (after April 30th)
*You'll be paired up with other teammates to form a team

Options 2: Join Team Green's Team
$10 Members Only (limit 2 entries per Member).
Sign in to register starting May 22nd! Deadline to join the Team Green Giants Team is August 15th.
Land Practices will take place between August 15th and August 30th. Water Practices will take place the week of September 1-6th.

Each Team participates in Two Races. Times from these Two Races are averaged to determine the top 16 teams that will participate in the Championship Races for each Division (A, B, C and D).


8:00 am Registration Opens
8:30 am Opening Ceremony
9:00 am 1st Races Begin
11:00 pm 2nd Races Begin (Tentative)
1:30 pm Final races Begin for the Top 16 Teams (Tentative)
4:00 pm Awards Ceremony (Tentative)

Teams can have up to 20 active paddlers, and 4 "Backup" paddlers. Teams must have at minimum 16 paddlers and at least 8 female paddlers per team. Check out the rules and regulations.


Online Registraiton for the Team Green Team is limited to Team Green Members Only, however not all paddlers have to be Team Green Members. What does this mean? Members may register up to 2 spots, with one spot given to a non-member friend! 

Team Green Adventures will be racing as the "Team Green Giants." We have one boat and can accept up to 24 Entries for our Team. We will offer Two "Land Practices" and one "Water Practice." Land Practices will take place at a Nashville or Franklin Area Park, where we'll hand out Shirts, come up with our "Team Theme" and talk strategy. Water Practice is an Official Dragon Boat Practice put on by Cumberland River Compact. It is our Team's one-and-only chance to practice in a Dragon Boat before the Race. Water Practices take place the week prior to Race Day (September 1-6th). Please know that Team Green's assigned time could be on a work day. Please plan ahead!

Because we have room for 24 participants to register, but only 20 seats in the boat, "Active Paddlers" in the first race will be determined by points:

  • Attend Water Practice= 2 point
  • Attend Land Practice= 1 point (each)
  • Team Green Giants Alumni Paddler= 1 point
  • Current Team Green Member= 1 point

*The only exception to the above plan is if we do not have at least 8 Females among the top 20 Teammates, in which case we must give an "Active Paddler position to a female to avoid disqualification.

The top 20 Teammates to show up on Race Day with the highest points will race in the first race. The remaining 4 Teammates will be "Backup Paddlers" for our Second and Third Races. Please Note: Team Green's Backup Paddlers have always ended up racing in at least one race due to last minute cancellations, etc.


Online registration opens for Team Green Members ($10) on May 22nd. Members may register up to two spots each. 100% of Your Registration Fees goes to the Cumberland River Compact.

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