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Leonids Meteor Shower Viewing
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Loveless Cafe
Friday, Nov 16, 2012 7:00 PM
We know it's a school night, but we're willing to stay up late for this spectacular viewing of the Leonids Meteor Showers. Join us away from the city lights; stay as long as you want!
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Join Team Green Adventures for a fun social star gazing deep on the Natchez Trace for this year's Leonids Meteor Shower. There's no guarantee we'll actually see some shoot stars, but we'll have fun trying!

This event is cancelled with cloud cover, rain, or temperatures below 35 degrees at time of viewing for zip code 37221.

Meet at the Loveless Cafe Sign off Hwy 100 at 7pm for a caravan to our viewing location on the Natchez Trace (near mile marker 426.3, about a mile past Garrison Creek Campground). Look for the "Old Natchez Trace" sign.

When Friday, November 16th at 7pm
Actual peak time is generally after midnight until dawn.
Where Loveless Cafe Parking Lot, by the Loveless Sign
8400 Hwy 100 (TN 100), Nashville TN 37221
Cost: FREE and open to the public

Difficulty It’s easy to sit back and watch the stars. Bring warm clothing, blankets, chairs, binoculars/telescopes, warm beverages, and anything else to keep you comfortable while relaxing in the grass!
Children Policy This is a family friendly event. Bring extra layers and blankets for young kids.
Dog Policy Friendly dogs on leashes are welcome


The Leonid meteor shower has produced some of the most spectacular meteor displays in history, but it is unfortunately periodic in nature.

The Leonids generally begin on November 13 and end on November 21, with maximum generally occurring during the night of November 17 & 18. The Leonids are barely detectable on the beginning and ending dates, but observers are generally treated to displays of about 10 meteors per hour on the night of maximum. About every 33 years, the Leonids enter a phase of enhanced activity that accompanies the return of its parent comet. During these periods, rates can amount to hundreds and even thousands of meteors per hour. The last such enhanced period occurred during the period of 1998-2002 and the Leonids have been winding down ever since.

There are other, weaker meteor showers going on around the same time as the Leonids. The Leonids move very fast. When you see a meteor, mentally trace it backwards. If you end up at Leo then you have probably seen a Leonid meteor!


This event is free and open to the public. Just meet at the Loveless Cafe sign by 8pm or head directly to our viewing location near Natchez Trace mile marker 426.3 (look for the "Old Trace" sign). The viewing location is a directly across from the "Old Trace" sign, uphill.

What to Bring
Be sure to bring warm clothing, a lawn chair or blanket, headlamp or flashlight, snacks, and beverages (maybe something warm to drink). This time of year, it's best to overplan with extra layers, gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets. Stay as long as you like

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