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   1 Year - New Member $35.00
Get 12 months of discounted treks, access to member only events, event presales on our most popular treks, and discounts at local retailers and outfitters. Membership Cards need to be presented at all indoor rock climbing events and customer service counters for discounts around TN. This membership option is ideal for a single person or a family of 4 where only one adult plans to be primarily active. Team Green members can often register between 1 and 3 additional non-member participants (including children) at the member rate. For couples who plan to both be very active, it’s best to purchase 2 one-year memberships rather than use the Couple’s Membership option.

   1 Year Couple - New Member $45.00
This membership option is one membership account with 2 personalized member cards. This membership is ideal for couples in which one person plans to be very active and the other plans to be less active. See details above to see if this membership is right for you and your significant other.